Remixes from the Album, "PAGES"

Susan Hosmer

The title track is a reflection on life:  how fast it goes, what might have been... 

"These lyrics are stunning....the song is beautiful.  'Pages' will be the first song on my playlist when I need to reflect on a long car ride home. Susan’s misty, soothing timbre is the essence of the song. What starts as a heartfelt melodic passage turns into a self-proclaimed anthem for renewal as Susan’s voice swells into the chorus, full of vibrant emotion and passion."

- Jessica Prouty,  95Hyde 

Chance Rendezvous

Exchanging the first line of lyrics with: "Thinking of that winter,  a warm fire melted our frozen tableau..."  

The Lament

To military families everywhere:  this song was written with you in mind.  Thank you for serving our country.